October 21, 2016 LIMBO FILMS

Smith Tea

After expanding into a new facility renowned Portland tea crafters ‘Steven Smith Teamakers’ turned to Limbo Films and Steve Sandstrom Design to craft a memorable video for their new website. The goal was to convey the brand aesthetic and zen vibe of their tasting room experience and in-house packaging, but in a tasteful and understated way.

I designed shots to try and capture the beautiful colors and textures of the unique Smith Tea brand. Working with a tiny crew of just my Key Grip and one P.A. over 2 days of filming and then editing here at the Limbo Films studio for a few more, the final video was a huge hit with our clients!

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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-Gary Nolton, Director/DP/Editor

Gary Nolton, Director/DP/Editor

Gary Nolton, Director/DP/Editor