September 18, 2016 LIMBO FILMS

Microsoft Dynamics

September brought me a new opportunity to direct a digital campaign for Microsoft with agency partners ‘Possible’ in Seattle, WA.

The challenge was to produce three spots announcing a new product from the software giant in just 10 business days start to finish! The easy part was that the creative was already stellar, the tough part was each script combined  live-action, in-camera practical effects and CG  VFX components.

48 hours after kick-off call, our boots landed in the Emerald City where I teamed up with long-time Limbo Producer, Elizabeth Compton.  After whirlwind scouting, casting and creative meetings, we enjoyed two great days of shooting in gorgeous weather.  High-fives and hugs from the super pleased agency and clients in video village and it was back to Portland to begin post-production.

For post we chose power-house Mission Control and editor Matt Demerest.  Our compressed editorial timeline meant we needed to have locked and color graded shots to hand off to Hinge Digital for the VFX work within 2 days. They were a great ally in this effort as we had absolutely no margin for error and they nailed it on the first try.

From kick-off call to final deliverables… Two weeks!
-Guy Baker, Director

Guy Baker, Director

Guy Baker, Director